Code Transformation for Dynamics NAV Classic Reports To RDLC Format

The process for rebuilding Classic Reports in the RDLC (Report Definition Language Client) is an extravagant practice. It’s for this reason, your Dynamics NAV will now run only on RDLC report files. With NAV Classic Reports standing at the threshold of cessation, converting Dynamics NAV Classic Reports to RDLC becomes inevitable for all customers under the sky-sheet. Transforming the Classic Reports to RDLC for NAV works wonderfully, as it utilizes Microsoft Reporting Technology along with the Visual Studio 2005 for generating report(s) that are readily executed by the Report Viewer control in client side.

Conversion of Dynamics NAV Classic Reports to RDLC is Highly Beneficial:  

Time & Cost Benefits

Transformation for Dynamics NAV Classic Reports to XML markup language (RDLC) incredibly saves your time, money, manpower and machine resources up to 75%.

Removes Monotony & Reduces Manual Errors

The service seamlessly transforms Classic Report into RDLC for Dynamics NAV without the intervention of the IT professionals.

Changes Old Dynamics NAV 1.3 to Latest Live Version

The service supports all localizations and transforms report from the old versions to the up-to-date or prior version of your choice.

Free of Object Designer Development Environment

The automated service frees you from importing, organizing, and running the upgrade reports function in Dynamics NAV Object Designer as it proceeds to fast export report to the latest Dynamics NAV version by its own.  

Gains 100% Identical Report Layout Results

You can confidently utilize our best-of-breed Code Transformation services for yielding finished RDLC reports as similar to the corresponding Classic reports.

Ease-of-Utility & Self-service

Conversion of Dynamics NAV Classic Reports to RDLC is a User-friendly service that automatically generates final report, performs optimized Report Analysis and more.

24/7 Ready for Support

Both, the standard & custom Code Transformation services are backed with round-the-clock vigilance. Online supervision is made available to all the authorized users all the times.

Well-guided Instruction Support

Transforming a report means facing complexities of all nature. Under such circumstances, you are bound to receive full reception for Raybiztech to help you guide at every level from beginning of the transformation to the finishing-point. 

Pay-As-You-Proceed & Escape Up-front Payment 

Be relaxed to pay up only the unit amount for those Dynamics NAV Classic Reports transformed into RDLC.

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