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Android O: The latest version is primed to lure the developers and users

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Google released 'Android O' on 21st March 2017, which is the new developer version of the next Android OS, and the full release will be done this year. The latest version has brought a few changes to the existing features and there were some new features added. 

Have a glimpse at the new features of Android O which will definitely excite you Battery life

The battery life of Android O is extended to a perceptible level. Whenever multiple apps open, it restricts and manages the apps, which are run in the background. The background services, implied forecasts and the location updates are now restricted and automated. This ultimately benefits the Android app developers to build the apps without any hassle with longer battery life.
It is beneficial for the developers as well as the users. For example, when the user is busy using the Facebook app when the Google maps is open, the frequency of the location updates is restricted, which will ultimately save the battery from draining off in a short time.

Notification channel

The users will be able to group the same type of channel and the display note of every channel can be managed instantly.
If a user downloads many news channel apps, then he can manage and interact with the notifications setting in a single attempt.
In addition to this, the notification can be snoozed. The time gap for snoozing can be selected from 15 to 30 minutes.

Pip Display support

Google is extending the picture in picture display support to Android phones, which is already available for Android TV.  
The pip display support will enable the user to play a video and at the same time communicate with another app. For example, the user can watch and check the weather condition at the same time.

Adaptive icons

All the icons across the system are supported by Android and the exterior border can be animated.
The icons get support in device settings, app overview screens, sharing dialogs and the launcher. This enables the user to customize the lock screen with shortcuts.

Autofill APIs

Autofill enables the password manager app to be used easily and securely. It also facilitates the user to select the password manager app of his preference, it is as simple as choosing a keyboard.
The Android developer can also develop an app that can be considered as global storage for autofill data.

Wide-gamut color

It is a ultramodern feature where the apps would guzzle the advantage of all the subtleties and colors whenever the display improves with newer phones.
The developers can utilize the displays at the time of creating applications for Android O on various devices


It has bought a few changes in the manner in which the devices interact with others.
It will also enable the users to hear songs in a more better manner via Bluetooth connections.
Even without a central access point the devices with supported hardware would be able to interact with each other leveraging Wi-Fi.
To display the calling information the apps are supported by new APIs and managed by Bluetooth. Thus, there is no need to use universal phone app.

Keyboard shortcuts

With an enhanced arrow model and tab key navigation, things will become easier for the developers as well as the users.  

Improved web view

The addition of API is helpful for the developers to handle crashes and errors without any hassle.
When the developers activate Google Safe Browsing of remote URLS, it benefits the users by providing more security and stability.

Last Words

Android O supports runtime optimizations and Java 8 API for better stability and performance.
To wrap it up, it is still in its infantry stage. The forthcoming beta program may unveil many more things. And, the most exciting news, which everyone is waiting to hear is the name which Google would have for the 'O' series. 

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