Scaling Boomi with Advanced Infrastructure

Scaling Boomi with Advanced Infrastructure

At Ray Business Technologies, we've enhanced our Boomi deployment to ensure robust performance and high availability. By leveraging Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS), enabling horizontal pod autoscaling, optimizing workload allocation, and conducting extensive load testing, we provide a scalable and resilient environment to support your growing business needs.

We have successfully scaled our Boomi deployment to ensure robust performance and high availability for our clients. Key enhancements include:

Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) Deployment

We've deployed Boomi in Azure Kubernetes clusters, providing a flexible and scalable container orchestration platform.

Horizontal Pod Autoscaling

To manage varying workloads efficiently, we've enabled horizontal pod autoscaling based on multiple metrics, including CPU and memory usage.

Optimized Workload Allocation

Our system dynamically allocates workloads to maintain optimal performance and resource utilization.

Extensive Load Testing

We've rigorously load tested the environment, confirming it can handle hundreds of transactions per second, ensuring reliable performance even under heavy demand.

These improvements guarantee that our Boomi environment is robust, scalable, and capable of supporting your growing business needs.

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