How to Implement Dynamic data retrieving in Sitefinity

One of the many advantages of Sitefinity is that it includes access to the full suite of Telerik RadControls, including the one we'll be using: RadRotator. Using this and other controls from the suite allows you to quickly add useful and powerful widgets to your Sitefinity website. 

Step 1: Open your project in Visual Studio
Step 2: add one custom  user controller
             in that add RadRotator
Step 3: In codebehind : 
             Retrieve the data and bind the data as in asp .net and using DynamicModuleManager by calling the GetDataItem's method
             After doing all
Step 4: Build your solution 
Step 5: Register the controller in the  toolbox(dashboard).
Step 6: Drag and drop your controller to your page and publish 



- My ASP.NET Application
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