How to Create Template and how to use it in Sitefinity

To create a template you can use built-in layouts or you can use layout editor to build a template from scratch. If you want to create a template based on the existing one you can do that as well. Another way of creating a template is by using a master page.
If you want to edit the template, you can use the widget template editor.

To create a template, follow these steps:
Step 1: Dashboard > design > page template 
Step 2: create a template 
             Give name and developer name (not required)
             Check “Don't use template (start from scratch)”
             Click on ‘create add go to add content


Step 3: Drag and drop widgets whatever you want 
             Publish the template.

How to Use:
 Step 1: Open your page in edit mode on which you want use that template 
              Go to layout (in right corner) like below


Step 2: Click on select another template
             Select your template(it will in top of all) and click on Done.
             Publish the page.

How to Create Template in Sitefinity (Video):


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