How to Create Blogs and Posts (Comments) in Sitefinity

A blog is a regularly updated web page that is written by an individual in a conversational or informal style. All the entries in the blog section appear in a reverse chronological order with the latest entry appearing first. In the Create a Post section, you can add a title, give a brief description and show the categories and tags for a post.

Comments or posts:
Every post of a blog has a separate comment section, where you can view all the comments by clicking the numbers available in the comment column.

Step 1: Dashboard > Content > Blogs


Step 2: Click on Create a Blog
            Give a name
            Select a default page
            Sitefinity gives a url (or you can change)
            Click on create this blog.

This will automatically redirected to the “create a post” page like below


Step 3: Click on Create a post
            Give title and description
            If you want you can give add summary about post and categories and tags and Click publish. 
Step 4: Now go to any page in edit mode where you want to put this blogs widget drag and drop from widget bar and publish the page.


How to Create Blogs and Posts In Sitefinity (Video):


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