About Sitefinity Workflow (if required create Custom Workflow)

 Workflow is a sequence of activities that are required for completing a task. In addition to this, you can create custom work flows by extending the built-in work flow process using the Sitefinity CMS. Leveraging this approach a work flow can be fit according to the organization's requirements. 

Workflows are 3 types:

  1. Standard lifecycle management ------- Create and Publish
  2. Approval before publishing ---------- Create and Send for Approval » Publish
  3. 2 levels of approval before publishing ---- Create and Send for Approval » Send for Publishing » Publish

By default, you use the standard lifecycle workflow

Steps to create workflow:
Step 1: Dashboard > Administration > Workflow > click on define a workflow the page shows like below


Step 2: Select workflow type 
            Click on continue 
Step 3: Give name for workflow 
            Select approvers (if required) 
            Choose site/all sites
            Select content 
            Choose “who can skip the workflow”
            Click save workflow.



- My ASP.NET Application
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