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What is Sitecore:

Sitecore is the leading enterprise-level content management systems, enabling content teams and marketers to have full control over all aspects of their online presence from social media integration and relevant blog posts to advanced personalization, e-commerce and more. Sitecore is built on Microsoft’s programming language, ASP.NET

Sitecore has two major products offerings: a leading enterprise CMS; and a Digital Marketing System (DMS) for all enterprises’ Knowledge & Content management and sales and marketing needs.

Let us check unmatched Sitecore CMS features

The Content item folder stores pages and data for the website, and the structure of these pages and data, represents the structure of the website.

Agile CMS Solutions

Sitecore excels in providing agility to enterprises; the CMS is fully customizable and extendable, and practically anything can be overridden or extended.

Sitecore Databases

From Raybiztech’s perspective, Sitecore is an excellent Content Management System to work with, containing over 1,200 classes and 5,100 methods that form a rich, extensive developer framework.

  • Core database
  • Master database
  • Web database

Sitecore Item folders

Sitecore web application has all the content stored in the content tree, with the Content and Media Library items projected for content editors’ use and the Layouts, System and Templates folders.

Sitecore CMS Media

The Media Library stores all the rich media files, either on the file system or as a blob in the database.

Sitecore CMS Layout

The Layout stores all the ASPX layouts for the application, referencing the location of the file in the web application root.


The System holds all standard settings for the content editor and the web application.


Sitecore Templates are agile and easy to develop and maintain. Templates are used to describe objects in Sitecore CMS.

Sitecore API

The Sitecore APIs are extremely powerful and easy to integrate; enabling enterprises to send requests to other systems using number of different technologies, right from standard .NET web forms to using XSLT and MVC.

Sitecore community

Sitecore is backup with an excellent developer community worldwide, which makes Sitecore implementation, issue resolution, availability of Sitecore developers etc very easy.

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