Object Cloning in Kentico

1 Object Cloning

1.1 What is Cloning?

Cloning options would be immensely helpful. If you want to make handful of alternative forms for a table, that are largely the same, then we have to go through each field and set the same properties.  cloning resolves this problem and helps to copy everything and let us just make few changes that we need.

Why Cloning?

when you clone an object in Kentico, it creates its copy with a different ID but with the same properties and behavior.

What all we can clone?

  • Web Parts
  • Widgets
  • Users
  • Roles
  • Countries
  • CSS Style-sheets
  • Cultures
  • Custom tables
  • Device profiles
  • Document types
  • Forms
  • Form controls
  • Modules
  • Macro rules
  • Page layouts
  • Tag Groups

1.4 Cloning and modifying a page template

You may need to create a new page that will be similar to existing pages, but with some minor modifications of the page template. Imagine you want to display the editable region from the previously created page template in a container box.

Instead of creating the page template from scratch, simply create a new page based on your existing page template.

Then select the page in the content tree, navigate to its Properties -> Template tab and click  Clone template as ad-hoc. A new ad-hoc template is now created and you can edit it without modifying the existing pages based on the original template.

Now switch to the Design tab and click the Configure button of the Editable text web part. Select the Black box container from the Web part container drop-down list and enter What's new into the Container title property.

Click OK. Switch to the Page tab and enter some text into the editable region. Click  Save and select Live site mode through the main toolbar.

1.5 Cloning Forms

This feature is not just for top level objects though, it can be used for items as well. Again for  setting up some data in the CMSDesk ahead of time is sometimes needed.

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