Kentico EMS Reviewer's Guide

Kentico EMS provides a set of features extending the Ultimate Edition of Kentico CMS. The Enterprise Marketing Solution extends its content management foundation with sophisticated analytics and reporting as well as an integrated campaign and marketing toolset.

The result is a solution that empowers organizations to deliver  real-time, customer focused, multichannel marketing programs and measure the results in a single place. In addition to campaign and contact management, Kentico EMS allows organizations to quantify performance, a critical activity for modern businesses with stretched marketing budgets. Soft metrics such as brand equity are no longer sufficient to justify campaign investment.

Kentico EMS offers user simplicity with comprehensiveness  an uncommon combination in the multichannel campaign management software market. The Kentico CMS allows users to create and manage content, and Kentico EMS adds the ability to deliver campaigns, manage contacts, perform e-mail marketing, generate leads, optimize content and much more.

Organizations want to understand the link between activity and opportunity ,they desire quantitative proof of the effectiveness of their marketing programs. Kentico EMS helps by tracking numerous metrics associated with interactive campaigns like page views, referring URLs, search key words, average time on page or any custom metric organizations deem necessary. Enterprises can use this data for planning, content personalization, lead scoring and nurturing or other marketing activities.

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