Kentico EMS Marketing - Conversions Quick Start Guide

Conversions occur when a visitor in a website takes a specific action. The conversion action includes  making an online purchase, downloading a whitepaper, or registering. These actions are defined as part of a marketing plan and typically measured as the conversion rate. This is the percentage of visitors who take the conversion action.

But Conversions are not every possible action on a website. They are specifically defined actions included in a marketing plan. Conversions are well planned ways of engaging customers based on a defined set of goals.

Techniques of Conversions:

  • Define a marketing plan that includes measurable goals and the key conversions.
  • Establish a lead scoring methodology that includes the highest value conversions.
  • Review key conversions to ensure that they meet expected campaign goals.
  • Review the least used conversions to see how they can be improved.
  • Use MVT and A/B testing to improve conversion rates.
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