Kentico Deliver Now Methodology

If you have ever been involved in web development project management or have implemented a Kentico CMS project, you probably know how important it is to keep in mind all those little details that draw the line between a successful project and an implementation bad egg. To help you avoid pitfalls and un cover potentially weak places in the project during the initial stage of the development process, we have prepared the Kentico Deliver Now! Methodology. The main goal of the methodology is to provide you Project Managers, System Architects,Integration Specialists, etc. with an easy to follow guide that describes the Kentico CMS development process step by step before the actual implementation takes place. It should give you all the important information you need in order to finish your projects faster, using less resources, matching higher quality products while keeping your budget reasonable. The methodology is neither attempting to serve as new documentation material nor as the Developer’s guide. It therefore does not include the same technical information you can find in other Kentico CMS documentation.

Anytime a link to the documentation (availab le at thetime of releasing this document) could be beneficial, it is included, so you can easilynavigate to information about the more technical aspects of the particular subject.Each chapter is introduced by a set of simple questions related to the particular subject. These questions help you think about areas you might forget about. Moreover, based on your answers, you should be able to select only information which is essential for you. In addition, chapters dealing with specific subjects also include some extra materials likechecklists orsheet templates.We hope you will find the methodology a great help, especially when going for your first project, butparticular parts should also come in handy to experienced teams.

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