Kentico CMS Windows Azure Deployment Guide

Here is the Process & Steps that are needed to take deploy Kentico CMS website to the Windows Azure cloud computing platform successfully. It also provides information about the differences between an application deployed on Windows Azure and one that is installed and set up for on?premise hosting. You can also learn about the additional configuration options available in Kentico CMS that are related to Windows Azure and its various services and components.

To follow the instructions in this guide, you will need to have general knowledge of the Windows Azure platform and a basic overview of the development principles that apply to Azure applications. Another requirement is access to an active Windows Azure subscription.

If you are not familiar with Kentico CMS, we recommend that you get to know the system and its features before attempting to deploy a website to Windows Azure. First time users can go through the Kentico CMS Tutorial, which describes the standard installation in a local environment and the basics of its administration interface. If you need additional information about any parts of the system, please refer to the Kentico CMS Developer's Guide.

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