Kentico CMS Performance Report 5.5

This Kentico CMS Performance Report 5.5 was conducted by Kentico Software with intention to provide customers with information on what performance they can expect from Kentico CMS. Kentico Software put in the best effort to conduct an unbiased test. Still, the performance of the website depends on many parameters, such as computer hardware, network configuration, client configuration, operating system and software configuration, site content, number of items in Kentico CMS database, information architecture, custom code and other factors. Kentico Software doesn't provide any guarantee that the same values will be achieved with other than tested configurations. The reader of this report uses all information in this report at his/her own risk. Kentico Software shall in no case be liable for any loss resulting from the use of this report.

Basic Performance and the Impact of Caching 

The slowest parts of a web application are typically accessing the database and rendering the content for a web browser. Kentico CMS optimizes the performance by storing content that is often accessed in a server memory. This mechanism is called caching. When another visitor comes to the same page, the page is already stored in the very fast computer memory and Kentico CMS can quickly send it to the browser without repeatedly accessing the database and rendering the page. The following graph shows a comparison of how caching influences the performance of Kentico CMS (the test was conducted on a single machine with both web server and database).

Caching can be configured for a particular part of the page - this is called content caching. You can also configure full-page caching that stores the whole page pre-rendered in the memory.

The following figure shows the impact of caching on the overall performance. The values represent the number of requests per second (RPS) which means how many pages can be viewed by the visitors per second.

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