Sorting and Paging of product data lists in Kentico 8 CMS

Sorting and Paging provides an easy way to change the default display of items. This method helps to display the items in a particular order using 'order by' and built in names. Datalist web parts are the web parts which helps in sorting and Paging of products in Kentico CMS.

Let us, all learn Sorting and Paging of product datalists in Kentico 8 CMS.

  • Log in to Kentico 8 CMS as administrator.
  • Go to Content Management and select documents and pages.
  • Now select products page and click design tab.
  • Select the featured products web part and configure the properties.
  • Sorting and paging is controlled by ‘ Order by Expression’
  • Now we will keep expression to ‘SKUPRice ASC’ and click the button Ok.
  • Now we can see the order of the products based on SKUPrice.
  • You can also sort the products based on node name.
  • Now you can see the order of products is arranged alphabetically (A-Z).
  • Now you can observe the order of products has changed to descending order.
  • Now if we change expression to NodeName descending.
  • You can see the products are ordered in Z to A.
  • Now Go Back to Web Part and click configure.Here you can enable or disable paging and can configure you own properties.
  • Now you can see the paging is enabled.
  • Now you can also configure the products per page through page size.

For more information you can Watch our YouTube video on Sorting and Paging Datalists in Kentico 8 CMS.

Sorting and Paging Datalists in Kentico 8 CMS (video):

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