How to permanently redirect (301 redirect) pages/posts in Kentico 8 CMS

Let us all learn how to permanently (301) redirect older URLs to newer URLs. Actually, we do this for SEO purpose because, we don’t want to lose link juice of our older URLs, so we try to say web crawlers to notice the change that we have made on our website, by that it considers the change and transfers the Page rank from older URLs to new or main URL. This is the case were you are allowing permanent (301) redirection of old URLs to New.

Permanent (301) redirect in Kentico 8 CMS:

  • Let me illustrate this by taking 2 URLs.
  • In this example, old URL be ‘/Mediaupdates’ and New one is ‘/media’.
  • Now, we want to permanently redirect ‘’ to new URL i.e. ‘’.
  • To do this, first, log in to your Kentico CMS DESK.
  • Then, go to Content Management and Select the option Documents and Pages from the list in left panel.
  • Now let us select the new URL i.e. ‘/media’ (In this example I have taken new URL as ‘/media’ in your case select URL which you want to setup aliases/permanent redirection).
  • Then, Click on properties tab which you can find in the top row and after clicking that select URLs.
  • From there you can find the Option Add new alias.
  • Now enter the old path in ‘Path or Pattern’ i.e. ‘/mediaUpdates’.
  • Now, Select alias redirection as ‘Redirect to Main URL’ and enter URL extension if it has and then click the save button to save all changes you made. (If you want to create extension less URLs for your website then read How to create Extension less URLs in Kentico 8 CMS.)
  • But, for now, Select URLs tab, Check document alias ( You can Edit or Delete it ).
  • Now enter old URL i.e. ‘’.
  • Yes, now, you are done with permanently redirecting old URL to New URL.

For more detailed information on how to do this, Check our video 301 redirect in Kentico below.

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