How to create Extension less URLs in Kentico 8

The extension less URLs add some obscurity to the technology what we are using. In the point of SEO, they don’t have real impact, but if you want to change how your content is rendered you do not have to change the URL (like .cgi to .php etc). More over, it adds some aesthetics to URL structure in search engine.

In Kentico CMS, you can easily create extension less friendly urls. Follow the tutorial to know how to create friendly urls in Kentico 8 CMS.

Create extension less URLs in Kentico 8:

  • Login to Kentico 8 CMS DESK.
  • Go to Administration and then select settings.
  • Select the option 'URLs and SEO'.
  • For Extension less URL, set the friendly url extension to “;;.aspx” (enter the code without quotes) . Click save.
  • For Example : Earlier news page URL is '/News.aspx' after setting up extension less the new url is '/news '.
  • Now if you revert all friendly url extension to .aspx, just remove two semi colons (;;) from the code and click save.
  • Then, you can view .aspx extension for all the urls.

For more clarification watch our YouTube video.

Extension less URLs in Kentico 8 (video):

- My ASP.NET Application
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