How to add Product Options in Kentico 8 CMS

Learn how to add Product Options to E-Commerce Products in Kentico 8 CMS and make the customer and to boost your sales.

Buyers always try to narrow down the available products with as many attributes as possible. Especially, when it comes to E-Commerce sites you have number of products with a dozens of different categories. Anyhow, we already discussed about how to add multiple categories to products. But, a potential customer seeks further variants/options to buy the product. The product options such as color, price, size etc could make the them even more happier in finding what he/she want.

In Kentico 8 CMS, you can add custom filtering options to find the right product to your customer in seconds.

So, let us know how to add custom options to products in Kentico CMS to boost your on-line sales.

Adding Product Options in Kentico 8 CMS:

  • Log in to Kentico 8 CMS.
  • Now go to E-commerce and select the option ‘Product Options’.
  • On this page, click the tab ‘New Product Options Category’.
  • Enter desired name (like Color, Size,etc), other attributes and properties.
  • Here, you need to select the selection type also. So, select your preferred option and click save.
  • Now, select the ‘Options’ tab to add the new options, add required options.(like color with price adjustment ).
  • In the properties you can add new products to display the above entered options. Select the check boxes, for products which you want to display the options.
  • Now, check the products pages on live site, You can view the ‘products options’.

That’s it enjoy! For live example check out our new YouTube video.

How to add product options in Kentico 8 CMS(video):

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