How to Add E-Commerce Products to Multiple Categories in Kentico 8 CMS

The most important feature for any E-Commerce website is to categorize all the products on the website. Otherwise, it becomes more task oriented to a basic customer to locate the product that he/she wants to buy.

In Kentico 8 CMS, it is very easy to show the products in categories. And, for those who want to add existing products to multiple categories, we can do it so, by adding an existing product document's link to the new category document.

Now, Let us all learn how to add products to multiple categories in Kentico 8 CMS E-Commerce. In this tutorial we are adding an existing product to second product category.

Adding E-Commerce Products to Multiple Categories in Kentico CMS:

  • First, login to Kentico CMS DESK.
  • Go to content management and select the option 'Documents and Pages' from the list.
  • Select the product page document, which you want to add to a new product category.
  • Now, on the Product page give a right click. A context menu appears and from it select the option 'New' to link the existing product document to new category.
  • In the new page, at the bottom, you can find the option 'link to the existing document'.
  • Click the option “link an existing document” and select the product category to which you want to add the existing product page document.
  • And finally, Click 'Link' button.
  • That's it, now your product is linked to the new category. You can find your product listed in the new category along with the previous listed category.
  • Likewise, we can easily add a product to multiple categories in the Kentico 8 CMS.

Here, we are only linking the existing product, but not the product Stock Keeping Unit (SKU).Thus it allows the product exist independently of the link.

For more details on how to add products to multiple catergories, Check out our new YouTube video. In the video, we had demonstrated the tutorial on a demo eCommerce site with an example product.

How to add E-Commerce Products to Multiple categories in Kentico 8 CMS(video):

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