How to add custom 404 page in Kentico CMS

A 404 page is the page user gets when they try to pull the link which is a broken link, may be deleted or when they search with typographical error. If the website had a custom 404 page it is very useful people so that they can find the information they’re looking for, as well as providing other helpful content and encouraging them to explore your site further.

In this article we would like to explain you how to create custom 404 error page using Kentico 8 CMS.

Custom 404 Page (Page Not Found) in Kentico 8:

If you don’t have a Custom 404 error page, by default server will send an error page. But, people don’t find any information about your website in that error page.

  • So, now we need to create a new custom 404 page for our website.
  • First, Log in to Kentico CMS DESK with your username and password.
  • Go to Content Management page and Select the option Documents and Pages.
  • Create a New Page and Select desired template which you like.
  • Select any template from the list of templates and Click Save.
  • Now you can view the 404 page with no content.
  • Now, add the desired content, styles, texts to inform your visitors where they want to go and you can also add any images showing ‘The page is not available’ etc.
  • You can view live page by going through live URL in properties tab.
  • Now go to Administration and Select the option Settings from the left panel.
  • Enter 404 Page URL and Click Save.
  • Now you can view 404 Page, when you look for page that doesn’t exist.

Custom 404 page in Kentico 8 Video:

- My ASP.NET Application
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