Kentico EMS Marketing - Lead Scoring Quick Start Guide

Lead scoring is the process of assigning points that identify a lead’s interest and reflects their location in the sales process. Points are assigned based on an agreement by the marketing and sales departments. They incorporate a combination of demographics, activities, and lead source.

Lead scoring is not an activity that is done independently by the marketing or sales departments. It’s a continuous joint effort by both departments to define a qualified lead.

Lead scoring is used to identify sales ready leads and those that would benefit from additional marketing activities. It is one component of a successful lead nurturing program.

Techniques of Lead scoring :

  • Align marketing and sales departments to define a sales ready lead. 
  • Establish a consistent lead scoring methodology to rank leads.
  • Determine a score threshold that will indicate a sales ready lead
  • Start by assigning lead scoring rules based on Attribute data like demographic information.
  • Set up alerts that notify the sales department when a lead score threshold is met.
  • Assign rules based on Activity data like adding items to a shopping cart and participating in a forum.
  • Assign lead scoring rules based on the online behaviors of anonymous and known visitors
  • Explore multiple scoring scenarios to gain greater insights into a leads level of interest in different products or campaigns.
  • Define an expiration period for scores that match the sales cycle.
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