Integration of Facebook with Kentico CMS 7.0

Facebook has become an essential ingredient for online and internet marketing sensation,with 200 million users and reports that almost two thirds of these log in daily. It is essential for many marketers, and integrated marketing campaigns.

Facebook provides marketers and web site owner’s paid advertising models that include user profiling, targeted advertisements, community collaboration and networking opportunities. Non paid opportunities enable marketers andweb site owner’s the opportunity for their customers to discuss, share and recommend content and products with their social network. Both provide an opportunity for companies to build their brand, extend reach and collaborate with customers. Facebook provides an extensive API that any website owner can leverage. In this lab, we will add Facebook functionality to the Kentico CMS Corporate sample site. In completing this set of labs you will perform the following tasks:

  • Explore the available Facebook resources.
  • Integrate a Recommend button using the Static text web part.
  • Integrate a Recommend button using the page template.
  • Integrate a Like button for the Blogs module.
- My ASP.NET Application
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