Create Your First Application - Node.js and Windows Azure

Windows Azure is Microsoft's application platform for the public cloud. You can use this platform in many different ways. For instance, you can use Windows Azure to build a web application that runs and stores its data in Microsoft datacenters. You can use Windows Azure just to store data, with the applications that use this data running on-premises (that is, outside the public cloud). You can use Windows Azure to create virtual machines for development and test or to run SharePoint and other applications. You can use Windows Azure to build massively scalable applications with lots and lots of users. Because the platform offers a wide range of services, all of these things-and more-are possible.

Steps to create a first application using Node.js and Windows Azure :

  • Implement a simple Hello World application in Node.js and deploy the application to a Windows  Azure Web Site.   
  • Learn how to use the Windows Azure PowerShell cmdlets to create a Node.js application, test it in the Windows Azure Emulator, and then deploy it as a Windows Azure Cloud Service.   
  • Implement a Node.js application using WebMatrix, and then deploy it to a Windows Azure website.   
  • Implement a task list appliation using Node.js and MongoDB.  

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- My ASP.NET Application
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