Microsoft Azure Solutions

Windows Azure is a Microsoft Cloud Computing Platform offering to help its customers realize the benefits of cloud computing. Azure provides a range of functionality to build applications that span the consumer Web to enterprise scenarios. With Azure, applications can be developed and hosted either at the client site or in the cloud. Windows Azure supports multiple languages and integrates with your current environment. Developers can use their existing Microsoft Visual Studio expertise to build applications, and Windows Azure supports popular standards and languages including SOAP, REST, XML, Java, PHP, and Ruby.

It allows developers to create and run applications, manage environments, and store data on servers owned and operated by Microsoft. Windows Azure provides the on-demand computing and storage necessary to manage, host, and scale web applications.

How Can Windows Azure Help You?

The Windows Azure platform ensures flexibility, choice, and control spanning server, web, desktop, and mobile devices. Raybiztech helps you build cloud computing solutions with the right tools and technologies and create rich, integrated applications that connect you to your audience.

Windows Azure solutions from Infusion allow you to:

  • Control Costs: Windows Azure solutions are highly scalable. Eliminate up-front costs for massively scalable computing infrastructure, ongoing depreciation, and maintenance expenses by leveraging Microsoft’s Data Centre capacity and expertise. Only pay for what you use, when you use it.
  • Accommodate Demands: Raybiztech Windows Azure solutions are agile. Simplified application development gives you the ability to rapidly scale up or down on demand, instantly adjusting to changing market conditions. Do away with utilization concerns by better controlling usage.
  • Integrate Multiple Services: Work with Raybiztech to leverage existing Microsoft cloud technologies such as Dynamics CRM and SharePoint, migrate your existing applications, or implement a custom development solution.
  • Scale and Grow Quickly: Add compute power as business grows or demand spikes. Windows Azure solutions are prepared to “burst” to accommodate peaks in demand – whether predictable or unpredictable.
  • Reduce Risk: As a Microsoft partner and early adopter, Raybiztech’s expertise with Windows Azure means your solution will use industry leading best practices and your data is accessible and protected.

Why Raybiztech

Raybiztech offers Application Development & Migration Services for Windows Azure Platform. It helps to eradicate guess work out and assists customers in making informed decisions on the ‘why, what, when, where & how’ of adopting the Windows Azure Platform.

As a Microsoft Partner, Raybiztech has the expertise and experience to ensure your seamless transition to a cloud computing environment. As an early adopter of Windows Azure and recognized emerging technology solution provider, consultants and MCPs are well experienced in Microsoft Azure Technologies, Our teams deliver comprehensive, intelligent solutions for application design, development, maintenance, and training. has delivered successful cloud and high performance computing solutions to leading businesses in industries including: financial services, retail, healthcare and life sciences, media and entertainment, and the public sector.

Our Offerings

Our Azure offering covers full life-cycle of application development/migration:

cloud LifeCycle
  • Need assessment: This phase builds over experience and knowledge of Cloud Consulting and delves on the components and applications that will benefit from migrating to the Cloud. It then works out the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) & Return on Investment (ROI) of migrating to Azure
  • Cloud Architecture Definition: This phase deals with defining how the application will be provisioned on Azure platform and how it will interact with functionality & aspects residing within the enterprise
  • Develop/Migrate and Rollout: This phase deals with execution and rollout of the Azure application

Get Started with us

We will work with your team to understand how your organization can leverage the cloud and receive immediate benefits. Raybiztech also offers several options to capitalize on Windows Azure and cloud computing:

Cloud Migration

Raybiztech’s experts will perform a comprehensive assessment and migrate your existing solution to the Windows Azure cloud.

Application Design

Our application and user experience design teams will create a detailed plan for your Azure application.


Raybiztech’s experienced architects, developers, and designers will deliver a proof of a cloud-based application and deploy it to the Windows Azure cloud

Custom Solution Development

We can help you to build and deploy a complete solution to the cloud, tailored specifically to your requirements.

Training & Mentoring

Raybiztech’s Microsoft Certified Trainers offer Windows Azure mentoring, delivering hands-on training and deep dive sessions tailored specifically to your developers, architects and stakeholders.

Maintenance & Support

Raybiztech’s provides our clients with post-production launch support and maintenance. You can take advantage of operational & development support for applications hosted and created in the Windows Azure cloud.

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