IT Help Desk & Application Support

The IT Help Desk plays an important part in the provision of IT Services. It is very often the first contact the business users have in their use of IT Services when something does not work as expected. The IT and Application Help Desk is a single point of contact for end users who need assistance in order to perform their tasks effectively. Many organizations face uncomfortable situations in the absence of an efficient IT Helpdesk.

As an established leaders in technology, Raybiztech is uniquely positioned to provide highly efficient & cost effective IT Help Desk & Technical Support services to various market leaders.

Running an IT Help Desk operation has always been an expensive proposition for organizations. At the same time, it is a part of the IT infrastructure necessary to maintain efficient operations. Often, organizations attempt to reduce the cost of IT help desks through outsourcing to other companies, but this can lead to other business challenges since the help desk remains the most frequent interface for IT - any drop in service level is quickly noticed by internal customers and complaints are voiced to internal business leaders. Raybiztech provides an integrated end-user support and helpdesk offering. Combining the immediacy of desk-side support with highly trained and affordable and experienced IT Helpdesk professionals.

24/7 Application Support Services

To improve customer service levels and have a greater number of interactions with the customer, the company provides round-the-clock help desk services, which may include queries related to the client's products or service or application, order status, account and service status, etc. Based on its inherent capability of Software Engineering, the company provides Industry Specific Support and Knowledge Management Services to increase productivity at the customer's end.

Because of its established leadership in Information Technology, Raybiztech is capable to provide Application & Technical support services in the following market segments:

  • Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs)
  • Service Providers (Internet Service Providers-ISPs, Telecom Service Providers-TSPs)
  • Technology Retailing

Raybiztech has the capability to cover the entire spectrum of its clients' Products and Service support requirements and provide end-to-end solutions. The end user can access these services via a multitude of channels.

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