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Raybiztech offers wide range of home automation solutions and services. Home automation enhances your comfort by bringing together all the products and systems you already have and use every day. The automation system includes integrating intelligence of response and security to your products.

Purpose of Home Automation?

The purpose of home automation is to simplify your life by managing different systems from a single point of contact.

Let’s say, wouldn’t you feel great if your lights automatically turned off when you left the home. Yes, everyone feels happy when everything can be controlled at once finger tips. Home automation technology exactly does the same; it brings you everything at a single point to contact and simplifies your daily tasks.

Home Automation simplifies our tasks, other than that, it also benefits us in many other ways here are the few listed below:

  • Being able to control any device at the touch of a button using a mobile App or computer.
  • Home automation can include the intelligence response, scheduling of your devices.
  • Remotely operating the basic home functions automatically.
  • An automated home can also be called as smart home.
SWTCH Home and Business Automation

Benefits of Home Automation?

The purpose of home automation is to simplify your life by managing different systems from a single point of contact.

  • Improves security Concerns: Security is the main concern every one runs into, with the automation of home you can immediately react to any problem, even you can remotely access the systems of your home from anywhere.
  • Reduces Power Consumption: Home automation can successfully reduce power consumption by allowing the devices to automatically turn off when you come out of the house, for example if you forget to turn off you washing machine or any other device home automation technology will automatically turns off it when the desired work is completed.
  • Makes Tasks More Convenient: Since everything goes on Internet and remote control it is very easy to do any tasks without any additional physical work. Especially for physically challenged or elder people it is very helpful to do the tasks without any additional support. Home automation not only benefits human lives directly it also benefits them indirectly by reducing the power consumption and thereby keeping environment green.


SWTCH is Ray Business Technologies' smart automation solution that combines the power of embedded devices with the ease of using a mobile application. The combination of SWTCH hardware and mobile application makes it easy for any home or business users to seamlessly manage various devices like lights, fans, air conditionar, TV etc.

SWTCH Demo Video:

- My ASP.NET Application
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