Jun 14

Dublin and .NET Services: Extending On-Premises Applications to the Cloud

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Would you like to extend your existing SharePoint and .NET applications both on-premises and to the cloud in a non-intrusive way? This session will show you real-world examples of how to harness .NET Services workflow, access control and service bus to enhance business processes and add new capabilities to your application. We will demonstrate the use of “Dublin” Windows Application Server technologies to build extended application functionality. Lastly, you will see how workflow can be used to integrate across multiple organizations and the cloud. For ISVs, this session will provide a blueprint for how to sell more products to your installed base without requiring them to upgrade.

* Jacob Avital
Koby Avital has over twenty years experience as a senior executive, GM (SVP/VP) of Engineering and CTO in highly competitive software companies in enterprise applications and solutions, networking, communications, Internet applications, Internet security and multi-tiers real-time systems. Koby join Microsoft two years ago from SAP (GM composite applications, and a co-GM of SAP’s Enterprise Service Architecture) and from PeopleSoft (Chief Scientist and HCM head of development). With Microsoft Koby is heading CSD technology and products integration projects with internal Microsoft products to achieve better alignment across divisions. Koby is using his broad experience and market understanding to influence Microsoft products direction aiming on providing short and long term solutions to existing and future markets

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