Jun 11

ARCast.TV Architecting Collaborative Web-based Document Composition Solutions

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Project Performance Corporation (PPC) is a management consulting firm based in the DC metro area. Sharepoint Development Applications integrates world leading expertise in the areas of environment and energy with cutting edge IT and global management. Its clients include government agencies and Fortune 500 organizations.

In this interview with Zhiming Xue "Z", Rakesh Gupta and Dale Tuttle at PPC shared their insights on building online document management and collaboration solutions -- or in their terms, "collaborative web-based document composition solutions" --  that are based on open standards such as Microsoft OpenXML, or OpenDocument (ODF). They defined and demonstrated seven characteristics of document composition:

  • Document being aware of its environment
  • Document as user interface
  • Document as data structure or template
  • Rich online editing experience
  • Document management capability
  • Real-time online collaboration
  • Online and offline editing capability

Check out the video to see what they mean by document composition and how they put the concepts into action in a real world Request for Proposal (RFP) application.-Courtsey MSN Channel9

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