Nov 15

6 Unbelievable Benefits of the Dynamics 365 and LinkedIn Integration

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Technical advent has no doubt changed the outlook and the approach of many organizations. This hasn’t just resulted in greater ROI but also has taken the business operations to the whole new level. While many of organizations have already started enjoying the benefits of this advancement, the technical world has a never ending list of surprises and new advancements for its users. Once such move is the integration of the Microsoft Dynamic 365 and LinkedIn.

In a first, this integration the tow leading sales solution has certainly reduced the to and fro process between Dynamics and LinkedIn, saving a lot of time and efforts and resulting in smart and focused sales process.

While most of the successful sales teams have adapted to the changing market, there are many organizations who are yet to reap the benefits of the integration.

With a vast list of benefits with the integration, here are few of the benefits that you need to know:

Easy access to Leads

The integration has given sales team, the room to tap the untapped lead without wasting time on searching the whole pool. The integrations lets the sales person to have the advanced search options of the lead, prospect or the customer directly from the CRM. Added advantage is that, he/she can access additional information provided by LinkedIn to understand and make the strategy accordingly. This doesn’t just save a lot of time but also helps the team to provide the value add while eliminating unwanted research of non-prospects.

View the Lead Connections (viral effect)

This options lets the user to discover any connections with the prospects, making it much easier for the user to reach out to the prospect and turn them to the lead. Termed as teamlink, this feature makes it easy for the user to reach out to the out of network prospects too.

Use LinkedIn with Microsoft Dynamics:

All the activities that you can do with LinkedIn will now be possible with Microsoft Dynamics. Be it for InMails, sending connection request, searching for prospects, or getting the account and profile updates, you don’t have to toggle between two screens. You can do all of this through Microsoft Dynamics itself.

Increased efficiency in Building Relations

The integration allows the user to build relations. All your email contacts and information are in sync. The tool shows you a direction to work on the prospects by facilitating smooth introduction through the networks, predefined communication templates, gives you information and updates about the prospects and provides detailed information about the profile.

Strike the Competitive Edge

Access through mobile, gets you going from anywhere at any time. With a high possibility of having a multi-channel communication, you can certainly take your business to the next level.

Sales Intelligence:

The integration of Microsoft Dynamics and LinkedIn gives you a benefit at 3 levels:

  • You can get all the sales insights easily with the regular updates, information and connections
  • You can save a lot of time in finding the right people and hence get the business a true value add
  • You can access the information at anytime from anywhere that will you not lose any prospect.

While you enjoy the ease of building your connections effortlessly, the customers too, get to deal with the right people, hence a benefit to both the ends.

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