SharePoint 2007 Deployment Guide and Checklist

Project Planning


  • Evaluate Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 features
  • Formulate preliminary cost/benefit analysis
  • Determine project scope (lab, pilot, international/regional deployment, coexistence strategies, etc.)
  • Secure executive sponsorship and funding


  • Assemble Project Teams, Define Roles
  • Review/Detail Technical Requirements
  • Review/Detail Preliminary Endu ser and Business Requirements
  • Determine Preliminary Design Objectives
  • Identify Coexistence Strategies
  • Establish Test Lab Environment
  • Perform Risk Assessment
  • Define Communication Strategy
  • Define Education/Training Strategy
  • Review Client Software and Hardware
  • Create Governance Plan with Mission, Vision, and Strategy
  • Plan Server Configuration
  • Plan Security
  • Plan for performance
  • Plan for network upgrades and WAN considerations
  • Plan for failover and disaster recovery
  • Plan for Localization
  • Plan Integration
  • Determine need for WSS, MOSS 2007 Standard or Enterprise
  • Plan Collaboration Solutions
  • Plan Enterprise/Web 2.0 Wikis and Blogging
  • Plan Document/Records Management
  • Plan Indexing/Search Center & Best Bets/Keywords
  • Plan Portal
  • Plan Scorecards
  • Plan Web Content Management
  • Plan Workflows
  • Plan Internet Site
  • Plan Extranet Partner Solution
  • Plan Forms Solution
  • Plan Excel Services, KPIs, Reporting Center
  • Plan Maintenance
  • Plan Content and Navigation Structure


  • Deploy Pilot System
  • Gather feedback on Pilot and update deployment configuration
  • Deploy applicable Development, Test, and Staging environments
  • Production Go/No-Go Decision
  • Deploy Production System
  • Install Hardware
  • Install Software
  • Configure Software
  • Configure server, software, and network dependencies
  • Configure Search
  • Configure Document Management
  • Configure Personal Sites
  • Review single sign-on service requirements, consider Kerberos
  • Configure Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 for extranet use as desired
  • Implement solutions and applicable third party solutions, if any
  • Deploy updates to Client Machines as needed
  • Test and Evaluate System


  • Deployment Complete
  • Maintain IT Governance through Service/Business Reviews
  • Maintain regular Reporting in Support Operations and Change
  • Management Reviews
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