Checklist to pick a SharePoint Consulting Company

1. Do they have Knowledge in your business, or organization area?

Always look for a company, who has experience in the similar vertical as yours. It is important that your SharePoint Consultant has worked on a similar project to yours, so he can understand your requirement better and suggest better solutions. This will help to realize full potential of SharePoint Solutions.

2. Do they speak your language?

If the Sharepoint Consulting company talks too ‘techie’ speak, try to check if they will really be able to communicate successfully with your Project Team, who are not so techie. The Sharepoint Consulting company should be able to explain all inherited functionalities to your team, so they can plan the project more efficiently.

3. Do they have SharePoint Connections?

Please check if they are Microsoft partner or well known in the SharePoint community and are they able to help expand your SharePoint with knowledge of business enhancing add-ons. Experience and tie-ups enable Sharepoint Consulting Company to access latest updates and thus help you.

4. Are they qualified?

There are many certifications and qualification criteria can be checked of your Sharepoint Consulting Company. Check if your consulting company holds any Microsoft and SharePoint qualifications?

5. Are they Available?

Do not forget to check that how soon can they start working on your SharePoint project. Time to market is they key for all Sharepoint Project. You don’t want to wait seven weeks for your Sharepoint Consulting Company to start the project.

6. Are they Affordable?

And most importantly, your SharePoint Consulting company should be within your budget. You should not be surprised at the cost after doing several rounds of discussion with the company. Additionally, check if they are clearly stating how many days are involved in the SharePoint Project? Try checking out different engagement models with Sharepoint consulting company and get the best rates.

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