How to Set up a Web Part, to be visible on two pages in Kentico

To Display web part in only one page(e.g.Home) simple macro is used in the visibility web part property.
Example:{% DocumentName|(equals)Home|(truevalue)true|(falsevalue)false%};
If you are looking to display the web part in either Home or News (two pages) Nested Macro is Used in the visibility web part.
Example:{%DocumentName|(equals)Home| (truevalue)true|(falsevalue){(1)%DocumentName\|(equals)New\|(truevalue)true\|(falsevalue)false%(1)}|(user)Venkat|(hash)8fe5e8af21bed0f3a1acac6bd3fce231034428006bfc931f21eb9a246204da4b%}
- My ASP.NET Application
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