How to Display a customer’s first and last names on the invoice in Kentico

If you want to display a customer’s first name and last name on the invoice, you can go to the CMS Desk > E-commerce > Configuration > Invoice tab and add the following macros to the template:
{% EcommerceContext.CurrentCustomer.CustomerFirstName |(user)Venkat|(hash)81d32609bb93ecea2352d5a04e952fb614b6b73d04db7f9655ba553b128b9ab5%}
{% EcommerceContext.CurrentCustomer.CustomerLastName|(user)Venkat|(hash)a111e85452363fcab74f6bd0ce5b0dfb7b85364aab453fd9a14346256ad6d032%}
Please remove the spaces before the last brackets, if you copy the strings.
- My ASP.NET Application
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