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Online order delivery at doorstep with a faster and streamlined ecosystem for Australia's Largest Pharmacy Retailer with stores across Australia

Australia's largest pharmacy retailer with stores across Australia needed to enhance the customers’ online order delivery to their doorstep via most effective and efficient means, resulting in great savings for their customers. Fast Delivery project implemented for client to facilitate “Online order delivery at doorstep” using different Boomi APIs to select Delivery partner based on expected delivery time and place delivery order with a faster and streamlined ecosystem.

Executive Summary

As part of online order delivery management, client was in need of a robust integration platform with capabilities of centralized API management, event-based listeners, performance effective, parallel processing and secure communication to send success or failure response back to end user within record time.

Ray Business Technologies’ Subject matter experts worked closely with project stakeholders and understood the business needs of the application. RBT team architected and designed the application using best practices and high usability. It included all software modules and components, internal and external systems integrations, and the interactions between them that eventually constituted the application.


  • Online delivery orders placed by customers using Our Retail Client website needs to fulfill with the help of different Delivery partners.
  • Interaction with different Delivery partners needed by calling web service APIs exposed to our Client’s group by Delivery partners.
  • Solution needs to identify specific Delivery partner among the multiple on-boarded partners based on business rules that have been set, thereby introducing multiple integration touch points.
  • A reliable integration middleware which can take care of streamlined, secure and performance effective data transfer between mentioned end systems with zero data loss, bulk processing capability and robust error handling was the need of the hour.


RBT team has successfully implemented all critical integrations using Boomi middleware. Parallel processing was implemented using event-based listener named Web Service Server feature in Boomi, resulted in great throughput while handling huge online order delivery volumes. Robust error handling implemented in Boomi to facilitate the ease of production support. Transaction security and guaranteed message delivery was ensured using Boomi solution.

Application Order Flow


Create Order Delivery API: Online orders placed by customers through website were sent to OMS (Order Management System). Store staff approves online delivery orders through IGNITO and Boomi Order Delivery Creation API will be called to create Order delivery for different Delivery partners based on business rules that have been set to choose one Delivery partner among the multiple partners. Delivery partner picks up the products ordered by customer from the selected store and deliver to doorstep on successful order delivery creation.

Get Order Delivery Status API: IGNITO continuously calls Boomi Order Delivery Status API to get delivery status from Delivery partner for a successfully order placed using Boomi Order delivery Creation API. IGNITO will update the order status on their end based on the response. Status will be queried from Delivery partner until the order status is delivered or cancelled.

Order Delivery Cancellation API: Cancellation requests by customers are sent to OMS (Order Management System) application. Store staff approves order cancellation request and Boomi Order Delivery Cancellation API will be called to cancel order delivery from Delivery partner's end by calling order cancellation API of specific Delivery partner that is exposed to our client group.

Benefits / Business Case

  • Boomi has been set up as a primary communication channel between stores and Delivery partners thereby streamlining highly critical data transfer in a performance effective way.
  • Bulk volumes of delivery orders have been processed within record timings using Boomi multithreading options.
  • An Effective way of handling various APIs (which could wrong in many ways) was achieved without much effort using Boomi API management.
  • Provided seamless data monitoring capabilities thereby enabling the customer to track the orders without restricting the device choice (computer, mobile, tablet, etc.).
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