Leading Pharmacy Retailer Boosts Efficiency with Boomi Integration for Order and Invoice Management

Project Summary

A leading pharmacy retailer embarked on a mission to optimize customers' order-related processes, by implementing a more effective and efficient system, and significant cost savings for end users. The new system streamlined the exchange of orders and invoices between stores and suppliers, resulting in faster and more efficient operations.
As part of their Retail Order and Invoice management, our client required a robust centralized integration platform. This platform needed to handle guaranteed message delivery, parallel processing, high-volume data handling, and secure communication. Its purpose was to manage critical data flow between various end systems, including an on-premise ERP system (Microsoft Dynamics AX), an on-premise database (Microsoft SQL Server), external pharmacy order system, and an SFTP server.
Ray Business Technologies' subject matter experts (SMEs) worked closely with project stakeholders and understood the business needs of the application. RBT team designed the modules with high usability and to the satisfaction of the end users. This increased the business margins.


  • Highly critical data including Products, Orders, Order Acknowledgments, Invoices, Supplier Statements, Credits etc., needs to be transferred among various end systems, thereby introducing multiple integration touch points.
  • A reliable integration middleware which can take care of streamlined, secure and performance effective data transfer between mentioned end systems with zero data loss, bulk processing capability and robust error handling was the need of the hour.


RBT team has successfully implemented all integrations using Boomi Boomi iPaaS solutions. Parallel processing was implemented using Atom Queue feature in Boomi, resulted in great throughput while handling huge volumes. Robust error handling implemented in Boomi to facilitate the ease of production support. Transaction security and guaranteed message delivery was ensured using Boomi solution.

Application workflow:

  • Warehouse Order Integration: Warehouse Orders are placed by Stores to Suppliers using MRM application and these Orders stored in MS SQL Server database. Orders stored in DB were collected by Boomi at defined intervals using an external scheduler.
  • External Pharmacy Order System Invoice Integration: External Pharmacy Order System Orders are placed by Stores to Suppliers using MRM application and these Orders are sent to External Pharmacy Order System (a cloud-based external supplier gateway portal). Suppliers will send Invoices to External Pharmacy Order System for corresponding Orders. Invoices present in External Pharmacy Order System will be collected by Boomi on a scheduled basis and these Invoices will be stored in MS SQL Server database, transformed accordingly and sent to MS Dynamics AX as Sales Orders after applying business rules.
  • Products Integration: MS SQL Server database serves as a master source for Products. Boomi collects these Products from DB on a scheduled basis and these records will be transformed accordingly and sent to MS Dynamics AX after applying business rules.

Benefits / Business Case

  • Boomi was set up as a primary communication channel between stores and suppliers thereby streamlining highly critical data transfer in a performance effective way.
  • Bulk volumes of orders and invoices have been processed within record timings using Boomi multithreading options.
  • An Effective way of handling various APIs (which could wrong in many ways) was achieved without much effort.
  • Provided seamless data monitoring capabilities thereby enabling the customer to track the orders without restricting the device choice (computer, mobile, tablet, etc.).
  • Going by the successful pilot delivery and the business it brought to the table, the client has considered replacing every legacy integration in the company with Dell Boomi middleware.

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