Aug 08

Surrender Your Website to Sitefinity 10.1 to Gain Online Advantages

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Orchestrating a business voyage via “Online digital channels” is no longer an illusion for the corporate luminaries like you. With the inaugural release of the sensational Sitefinity 10.1, your flat and static website will be metaphorically transfigured into a zippy one. The super-mag system is a stock house for constructing super-dynamic sites and herculean homepages of the present acrylic era. Sitefinity 10.1 is an ASP.NET Web Content Management System (WCMS) that has a historic record of over two thousand superior companies ushering their trade far beyond their traditional provinces and standard portals. Similarly, those who are visualizing to air-lift their businesses, they got to fast galvanize with the rugged WCMS known as Sitefinity 10.1.

Let’s Take Site of Sitefinity 10.1 that is Powered with Out-of-the-Spout Functionalities

What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) Experience

Sitefinity 10.1 user interface is integrated with What You See Is What You Get Editor (WYSIWYG) pronounced as "wiz-ee-wig." This feature allows the content developers to speculate what the offshoots will look like while the interface is still being created. WYSIWYG has the Visual Studio development and editing environment that keeps a contingent track of all the pages from authoring, reviewing, approving and publicizing the standardized content on the website.

Sitefinity 10.1 for Anybody & Everybody Under the Sky-sheet

Sitefinity’s user-friendly interface together with its Inline Edit Mode will help the individuals and the user groups to generate, editing or replacing headers, footers, body content, and imagery within the webpage.

Search Engine Optimization & Digital Marketing Drills Bring Digital Delight

Sitefinity 10.1 empowers the users to access millions of digital resources including graphics, images, PDFs, text files, audio and video content. The system provides an incredibly rich media content that can magnetically pull the organic traffic and flood towards your site. The SEO add-ons in Sitefinity 10.1 promises the device friendly users like you with a number 1 Google ranking in the information space. Hence, your pages under SEO scrutiny will add “Fresh Flame” to your content structure.

Multisite Mapping Mandate

Your site alone can’t do any white magic without befriending with Sitefinity 10.1. Therefore, union of the two will spurt your SEO strength. Those organizations that are owned with a constellation of interconnecting websites can effortlessly remain synchronized under the centralized interface. The duet (Site + Sitefinity 10.1) will perform mapping of your social presence on your mobiles, emails campaigns, blogs, social media network, consortium, forums and so forth.

Action-packed “Drag, Drop & Discard” Widgets Works with the Revolver Speed

This interface encourages you to build pages and forms rapidly. With such an intuitive interface you will reach up to creating enriched clustered content.

Permanent-301 Redirect

When you are using 301 redirect, you are actually enabling Google to follow your retired links. Setting such a redirect is vital if you really want to change your original Uniform Resource Locators (URL) to unique one of your dream. 

Hide & Shield Playoffs

The award winning system recognizes that not all pages are good for SEO. Thus, it permits you to judicially use filters for hiding or blocking those most hated pages you don’t want to see on the web.

Trim Your Website Startup Time to Happy Half

Many websites die off with the bad name because they consume hell of a time in initializing the page. But Sitefinity 10.1 sparks the startup phase of your large and lofty websites with the whirl. This software prudentially cuts the taking-time into half under common scenario.

Other Highlights of Sitefinity Version 10.1 Release

  • Site Sync
  • Site Shield
  • Social Share
  • Multi-bug fix
  • Persona & lead score  
  • Trigger web lead nurturing
  • Create readable Extension-less Page
  • Online forms mapping to perform 3rd party integrations
  • Quick review of the engagement stats for target segments
  • Support Active Directory Federation Services & Social logins
  • Social bookmarks, track-backing & ping-backing made possible
  • Streamline websites & eliminate conflicts on delivery updates
  • Detailed Link Tags enhance your search engine ranking & credibility
  • Sitefinity 10.1 Connector for Oracle Eloqua for mapping online forms 
  • Improved calendar event manager infused with ASP.NET MVC widgets
  • Improved Cache control, Content Delivery Network & Azure cloud support
  • Precompiler reduce server processing & load time during page publication 
  • Keyword-Rich Image Tags attract the spree of search engines & screen readers
  • Leverage machine learning for fuelling customer interaction & conversion ratio
  • Improved website performance diagnostic modules (HTTP Requests, Background Tasks, SQL Queries, Page Compilations & N+1 Queries)
  • Content View Designer Tool to control content in the metablogs, bulletins, posts, puncheons, Paragraphs, news archives & other virtual pages

Raybiztech’s 24 Carat Genuine WCMS Deliverables

Ray Business Technologies Private Limited is a Sitefinity Lifetime Service Delivery, Referral, & Reseller Partner that has pioneered in offering Web Content Management System to our huge transnational customer base. With version 10.1 on your fingertip, you can break free the fencing to forward your business across the worldwide web. In order to stabilize your website, it is imperative for you to first take the taste of Sitefinity 10.1 and Raybiztech is here to offer you with the smack of the same.


Thus, the spasmodic and patchy business sites are long replaced by the Thin-spread Plasma websites that are fully iodized with information, imagery and more. Indeed, it is Sitefinity 10.1 that will brew up your business performance indices in the coming times. So, if you are touched with technology you should surrender your website to Sitefinity 10.1 without a doubt.

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