Apr 07

Sitefinity 10 released with new and improved features

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Have a look at some of the new Sitefinity 10 features

Third Party User Authentication

With third party user authentication website users can login with Google, Microsoft, Twitter, Facebook, Github and Linkedin. All that they have to do is  register with their email to open a new account.

Enterprise Security

Managing user rights by implementing complex identity management requirements has never been easy. Now, with Sitefinity 10 you can automatically authorize website users by integrating with ADFS and LDAP.

Keep it Secret to Keep it Safe

Sitefinity 10 release has come up with a new feature called Sitefinity Site Shield. This will enable the website owners to easily manage and secure their website by inviting stakeholders to the secured site and at the same time they can monitor whenever they access the site and the devices they use.

Sitefinity Health Check API

Sitefinity's system health check API enables to know the current status of a website in terms of Redis access, NLB communication, internet connectivity and database access.

Optimized Website Performance Engine

The Sitefinity warm up tool gets all the site map pages and compiles them according to sitemap priority and they are stored in output cache. This will ensure that the site is ready for the best possible performance right from the first user visit.

Enhanced Diagnostic Tools

In Sitefinity 10, the website diagnostics is enhanced through optimized SQL database profiling without any impact on Razor templates compilation and website performance.

Import and Export Site Data

The development of new websites can be streamlined by easily migrating CMS modules and their data from one instance to another. In addition to this, support to export user profiles is also added.

Enhancements in Azure Cloud Support

It will be a great advantage for the developers to deploy Sitefinity websites in the Cloud by leveraging the latest Azure SDK.

SVG Images

The SVG image support in Sitefinity 10 will enable content marketers to provide enhanced visitor experience to all the mobile devices without any security issues or technical support.

Multisite Data Tracking

Sitefinity 10 has made it possible to isolate customer journey data for every website powered by a single CMS instance in segregate data centers in the Digital Experience Cloud.

Implementation of Persona Scoring

Implementation of Persona scoring model is half art and half science. Therefore, most of the digital marketers prefer to commence from the big picture and refine their scoring model when they learn from the data.


All the IT Developers and Administrators are going to enjoy this Sitefinity upgrade that focuses on enterprise-grade identity management, performance, security and enhanced developer productivity. 

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