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What makes Selenium so popular ?

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Selenium testing tools provides a function that are related to set of testing that are specifically designed to full needs of testing of a application that is web based. It is also one of the most powerful and popular Open Source Automation tool that can be used with multiple programming languages. Selenium has become one of the popular automation testing tools recently as it cost effective and also one of the most well known frameworks that is in the use.

Selenium test scripts can run in browsers like the Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome as it is multiple browsers supported and on many operating systems like Macintosh, Linux and Windows. Selenium is not a single tool but a suite of software's and catering each to different needs related to testing of an enterprise.



Let us discuss some of the advantages that make Selenium very popular.

  • Supports all the programming languages like Ruby, Java, Python and C#.
  • The main advantage of the Selenium testing is that it runs multiple tests at a time.
  • Selenium supports Multiple Testing Frameworks as it can be used as GUI driving library and also developers can combine Selenium with the features related to other frameworks to enable the web application to deliver flawless and richer user experience.
  • Selenium can well be integrated with the tools that are widely used like QMetry, Jenkins and Hudson, hence helps in smooth integration with the existing suite of tools.
  • Helps in Parallel execution.
  • Helps in reducing errors that are human generated and improves accuracy.
  • It can be used to record workflows so that it helps in reducing time in regression testing.
  • Selenium has a large helping communities and user base.
  • Supports well in testing a test matrix that is large.
  • Has regular and fresh developments related to repository.
  • In Selenium IDE, with the help of Firefox Plugins your tests can be run and recorded.

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