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Reasons behind Selenium Automation Testing Popularity

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Selenium is a comprehensive collection of tools designed for automating and testing dynamic applications, websites, and administration tasks. Selenium testing wizard interacts with the applications while conducting functional and regression testing. The Selenium Automation Testing is often used across several browsers or platforms to help in the dynamic loading of the commands and so on. Packed with competitive features and highly economical licensing fees, the world's widely-used open source Selenium Test Automation Solution takes a big leap over the rest of the proprietary testing tools, due to which many of the global organizations shows exponential rise in the intake of the Selenium Testing Services.


Selenium Suite of Tools Consists of:

Selenium Integrated Development Environment (IDE)

The Firefox extension or plugin with record-and-playback feature is used for running simple test cases, recording user interactions with the web browser, automating the browser and so forth.The simplest framework uses prototyping tool for intensifying the testing speed while generating test cases. The tests results are recorded to be exported in different programming languages (Java, Ruby, Python).

Selenium Core or Selenium Grid

Though the first Selenium tool was formidable in minimizing test execution time, capturing browser screenshots, and sending Selenium commands but couldn’t take cross-domain testing or permit the JavaScript Runner code from accessing web components hosted on different domains. In order to overcome the flaw, Selenium team found a permanent fixture to the aforesaid shortcomingby starting to combine Selenium Gridwith RC for filling the infirmity.

Selenium 1 or Selenium Remote Control (RC)

The flagship test tool makes you write automated web application in programming languages of your choice against any HTTP website using any JS-enabled browser. But with the introduction of Selenium WebDriver (Selenium v3), RC's value has been depreciated to a little. However, you can keep yourself going with RC or move further with the more efficient Selenium WebDriver tool (Selenium v1). 

Selenium WebDriver

The core Selenium technology known as SeleniumWebDriveris an upgrade to RC or a by product of Selenium RC that comes as a positive support system for JAVA, C#, PHP, Ruby, Perl, Python, and JS programming languages. It helpsbrowsers and web z3applications become ever powerful and expansive with the use of JavaScript embedded within it. The first cross-platform testing framework is fit to create advanced test cases and controlbrowser from the OS level.Being the successor of Selenium Remote Control, SeleniumWebDriverworks forward to hit the testing functions on multi-browsers (Firefox, Chrome, IE, Safari) and also assist testing on OS as like Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS. 

Selenium 2 or Selenium Remote Control (Selenium RC) 

Merging of the complete Selenium WebDriver and Selenium RCresults in the evolution ofa newbreed of application known as Selenium 2 up on which majorityof the Top Selenium Projects runs.

Selenium Automation Testing Advantages Over Other Testing Tools:

  • Exploratory testing facilitates bug clearance  
  • Conduct rigorous regression automation on multi-platforms using favorite Programming Language (Java, PHP, C#, Ruby, Perl, Python) 
  • Enfold Selenium testing scripts in the Testing Frameworks of your choice (JUnit, TestNG) 
  • Offer ease-of-consolidation with popular Java build tools (Ant, Maven)
  • Generate Logs for monitoring stepwise testing
  • Apply keyword-driven & hybrid approach for Data Automation 
  • Selenium 2.0 efficient in Flash & DB test procedures
  • Preferred Selenium Automation tool blended with other frameworks (TestNG or JUnit, NUnit, Sikuli) for enabling image based testing, reporting services using HTML et cetera 
  • Presence of JavaScriptTestRunnerin Selenium auto-provides a programming interface for executing test cases that are well recognized on the web pages for delivering prompt results 
  • Frequent Automation Testing Processes &Tools cut error-prone and repetitious manual testing practices along with the manual QA testers

Certified Selenium Testing

Selenium Web App Testing is well administered by the Certified Selenium Testing Professionals who use 7 different programming languages (Java, Python, C#, PHP, Ruby, Perl, JavaScript)for writing Selenese code. The software doesn't confine the Selenium Testing Specialists to work on single atmosphere but offers them with the chance to kick-off with the testing using multiple environment on countless operating systems along with the Windows, Linux, Mac,, iOS and Android. The Selenium Testers takes to testing on different web browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Internet explorer, Google Chrome, Safari and Opera. For managing test cases and generating reports, the Selenium Testing Specialists habitually integrates Selenium software with TestNG, JUnit, and NUnit frameworks to yield the best out of the testingexercises. 

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