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The Future is here - Microsoft next-generation ERP – MS Dynamics AX

5 Reasons Why Your Company Should Use an ERP System

Microsoft next-generation ERP, Microsoft Dynamics AX, on cloud and premise, has been leading the Enterprise ERP Solution market in recent times. The latest version has been built on Microsoft Azure and is now available across 137 markets in 40 difference languages.

As the latest version, Microsoft next-generation ERP has only grown better and bigger in terms of power, smart intelligence, ease of use and the speed and not much to our surprise, many companies have already started using single domains like human resources or end to end product.

While the release of Microsoft next-generation ERP is yet another milestone for the Microsoft CORP, it also is a booming platform for all the organization to step ahead operationally with its use. The tool certainly is way beyond the traditional solutions. The bundle of Business intelligence, database offerings and infrastructure at one go has empowered organizations to operate on multi industry, partners, and produce detailed solutions. In addition there are 50 more ISV solutions available in the marketplace.

The preconfigured solutions and many more resolutions that would come up makes the organization’s life much easier with quicker with customizable solutions.  Capable of taking the LCS to the next level, Microsoft AX Next Gen, provides us with more flexibility and easy upgradation on cloud.

 “ERP is core to our business operations and critical to building and delivering products to our customers,” said Ben Hagler, co-founder, Hagler Systems.

Microsoft Dynamics AX brings to the organizations, an established business rationality of an entire business operations, enriched with innovative concepts like Collaborative Workstations, Smart business analytics and intelligence, easy and unique views of complex data, procedures and suggests the action plan to empower the business productivity. Many modules like Finance, Resource Planning, and Human Resources have been improved drastically with a lot more options, ease of access and prompt global updates.

Many of the organizations that were in tie up with varied versions of ERP have been showing tremendous growth in their respective market place. The Next Gen certainly has all the vendors under its sway.

“This release is further proof that Microsoft is leading the charge with innovations not just in ERP but in cloud,” said CEO Peter Maaten from Microsoft partner HSO. “Dynamics AX will be a game changer for enterprise customers.”

Organizations can subscribe to the latest version and enjoys the benefits. The tool is also available in monthly subscriptions in three versions, namely - the Self-Serve user, the Enterprise user and the task user. Hence with this, the users can choose the options at their convenience and quickly transition the implementation phase to reap the benefits of the tool and experience the master of the ERP Cloud computing system.

As much as the history and the statistics indicates the success of Microsoft next-generation ERP, it is also good to know that the return on investment for all the organizations would be worth the time and efforts.

Source : www.linkedin.com/pulse/future-here-microsoft-next-generation-erp-dynamics-ax-ajay-ray
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