Feb 28

By Arun Kumar

Key benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and know how it helps your organization

5 Reasons Why Your Company Should Use an ERP System Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance is a powerful ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution designed to meet the needs of large organisations and those with complex operational requirements. It enables finance leaders to unify and automate finance processes, monitor performance in real-time, predict future outcomes and make better data-driven decisions to drive growth and profitability.

The solution sits within Dynamics 365, Microsoft’s flexible suite of intelligent cloud business applications. It is now easier than ever to link and consolidate data and processes thanks to this seamless connectivity with other Dynamics 365 apps. The ease of setup allows your ERP to be tailored to the operational demands of the business as well as the preferences of the finance team.

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance software automates repetitive tasks to reduce errors and fraud, streamline processes, and get paid faster. You can also leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI) and ‘what if’ analysis to create highly accurate forecasts and budgets. Integration with business intelligence solutions makes it possible to analyse, visualise and share key data with insiders from all parts of the business.

Important features of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance include:

Automated business processes

This includes automated vendor invoice processing, rules- and prediction-based collection automation to improve on-time payment and recurring revenue management.

AI-driven forecasting and budgets

Leverage unified data, AI and ‘what if’ analysis to develop highly accurate forecasts. Use the intelligent budget proposal feature to consolidate and generate historical data for an accurate and robust budget proposal.

Financial management

In-depth financial reporting capabilities that include the ability to handle multiple legal entities and currencies in a single location.


Create customisable role-based workflows to maintain full visibility of what needs to be done and when.

Ease of integration

Put Microsoft Power BI to work for consolidated data analysis and reporting. Access a vast range of ready-to-go Microsoft and partner add-ons for industry-specific functionality.

Key benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance 

Significantly reduce your transactional burden to focus on strategy

From managing invoices to closing the books, Dynamics 365 Finance enables you to automate a vast range of repetitive tasks, reduce errors, and focus the expertise of the office of finance on value-added work.

Actively monitor the health of your organisation

Monitor cash flow in real time, and react quickly to changing circumstances by instantly generating reliable, up-to-date forecasts in light of new data.

Get a joined-up picture of the performance

Connect data and processes across Dynamics 365, Microsoft 365 and other business applications to create a centralised source of information and an accurate view of the entire business.

Supporting global growth

The Microsoft Guide, rule-based chart of accounts, and no-code or low-code globalization services let you quickly respond to different and changing regulatory requirements by simplifying tax computation, electronic invoicing, regulatory reporting, and worldwide payments.

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