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Benefits of Using Terraform to manage Azure Infrastructure

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Infrastructure as Code (IaC) is becoming very popular as it enables you to describe a comprehensive blueprint of a data centre using complex configuration syntax, which can be versioned and script-automated. This brings huge enhancement in the efficiency and reliability of provisioning and reserved environments.

Created by HashiCorp, Terraform is an Infrastructure as Code (IaC) tool for provisioning and managing cloud infrastructure. Terraform can impeccably work with major cloud vendors, including Microsoft Azure, AWS, Oracle, Google, etc. Using an advanced configuration language, Terraform's command-line interface (CLI) allows you to define, provision, and configure Azure infrastructure in a reliable, repeatable, and conventional manner. 

Helps to automate infrastructure management

Terraform's template-based configuration files allow you to define, prerequisite, and configure Azure resources in a repeatable and conventional manner. Automating infrastructure has a number of benefits:

  • It lowers the probable human errors while deploying and managing infrastructure.
  • It helps in deploying the same template multiple times to build identical development, test, and production environments.
  • Also reduces the overall cost of development and test environments by creating them on-demand.

Understanding infrastructure changes before they are applied

As a resource topology becomes intricate, understanding the meaning and impact of infrastructure changes can be tricky. Terraform offers a command-line interface (CLI) that allows users to validate and preview infrastructure changes before they are deployed. Previewing infrastructure changes in a safe, productive manner has some benefits:

  • Team members can work together more efficiently by swiftly understanding proposed changes and their impact.
  • Unplanned changes can be easily fixed early in the development process.

Deploy infrastructure to multiple clouds

Terraform is a popular tool of choice for multi-cloud scenarios, where similar infrastructure is deployed to Azure and additional cloud providers or on-premise datacenters. It allows developers to use the same tools and configuration files to manage infrastructure on multiple cloud providers.

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