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Kentico Xperience 13: is it The Future of Digital Experience Platform?

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In 2020, Kentico launched Xperience 13, an award-winning digital experience platform that works as a single-point-solution for content management, digital marketing, and commerce. This rebranded, enhanced, and comprehensive version combines features of both the Kentico CMS and Kentico EMS. It is available on-premises or in the cloud.

Kentico Xperience 13 is one of the first DXPs that has switched to ASP.NET Core MVC, delivering better sustainability with accelerated digital automation. A host of features that promises to make the task of digital marketers and developers more efficient and target-driven while minimizing complexities are integrated into this new version.

Let’s take a deeper look at why Kentico Xperience 13 is the future of Digital Experience Platforms.

A Single Window Solution

With the increasing expectations of consumers providing a top-of-the-line experience is a priority. Operating and integrating multiple solutions to create a seamless digital experience can be an overwhelming task for any team. Kentico Xperience 13 is designed to operate as a single-point solution that will allow the marketers to expand their abilities while ensuring a less cumbersome chore for the developers, freeing their hands to bring in more creative thoughts while delivering faster and better UX.

Future-Proof Framework

The world of technology is evolving rapidly, and older techs are quickly being replaced by the more advanced and efficient ones. Kentico Xperience is built on the latest technology available, and it is one of the first Digital Experience Platforms that has switched to ASP.NET Core MVC framework, which can be safely marked as the tech of the future. The technology ensures better loading time, excellent performance, and quick processing ability for minimum resource requirements. This Kentico CMS Upgrade gives developers the freedom to use the latest programming syntax and languages. It covers large-scale business needs, ensuring a seamless experience for the brands.

Automation at its Best

Xperience 13 offers efficient automation to slash the workload of marketers while streamlining the processes for better performance. Creating and managing marketing automation is simple and intuitive on Kentico. Marketers can easily save time by using advanced tools that simplify everyday tasks through the use of templates and other features. a broad range of multi-channel functions can be implemented from the same platform without using any code, simplifying collaboration and workflows. Enterprises aiming to utilize their human resource more efficiently to achieve the best outcomes can get maximum assistance from the automation features of the platform.

Best Support for Content

This platform bundles an array of features to support maximum content reusability. From creating pages to adding new elements – easy exploration and use of existing content elements is a core highlight that supports efficient content creation in minimum time. Kentico Xperience 13 supports single-point content creation and website-wide distribution eliminating content duplication while assisting in a quick update of content in multiple places. Content reusability helps marketers to do more while saving on time, promoting faster workflow and smooth operation.

Voice Assistant Integration

Kentico Xperience 13 can be integrated with Amazon Alexa and Google Home. That means you can give it voice commands to complete all the tasks without having to type anything. The platform combines a special code, KEVIN which makes it possible to use the Kentico interface through voice commands, in the user’s native or preferred language. KEVIN not only makes the task of managing the interface simple but also makes it possible for people with disabilities to use the platform with maximum efficiency. Kentico Xperience 13 is truly a marvel of the latest technology and it offers the most advanced digital automation.

Features for Platform Enhancements

Kentico offers a bunch of features for enhancing the website without having to mess with the coding. Features like Dynamic Routing and Search helps to improve productivity while reducing resource consumption. The set of features reduces the total time to market and on the other hand, provides deep insights on the behavior of the visitor, helping the marketers to fine-tune the content. Easy third-party synchronization of Kentico objects and pages reduces the burden on developers. The features enhance the platform with a comprehensive and quick search for fewer resources.

Third-Party Platform Integration

Kentico DXP Toolkit makes third-party platform integration simple. Users can easily integrate it with other applications like CRMs and Siteimprove. It will naturally make the process more seamless, less time-consuming and help enterprises to use an integrated and comprehensive system to achieve better results while minimizing resource requirements. The toolkit also supports the quick onboarding of new projects, maximizing efficiency.

About Raybiztech

Raybiztech is a CMMI Level 3 Company,  ISO 27001:2013 Certified Company, offering Artificial Intelligence-driven high-end automation solutions for global enterprises for the last 11 years. We are a Kentico Xperience Gold Partner with a team of certified Kentico Development professionals and comprehensive resources to ensure best-in-class consultation, deployment, and management of Kentico Xperience 13.

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