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Kentico Cloud - The first choice for Digital Agencies and their Clients

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Kentico has been in the CMS business for the past 12 years and developed an exceptional product, Kentico CMS, which is recognized by Gartner as the top Web Content Management System in the world. However, Kentico has never stopped looking for new ways to make the Kentico developers and marketer's task easy.

All of us have strongly believed in the power of cloud technologies. In 2011, Kentico was the first Microsoft Azure certified CMS and in 2013 Kentico+ was introduced as a cloud hosted CMS. 

Kentico Cloud CMS makes Digital Agencies and their clients more productive

Kentico Cloud CMS is a fully integrated cloud platform that includes Kentico Draft, Kentico Deliver and Kentico Engage, which replaces the complex technologies with a hassle-free cloud platform. This ultimately enables agencies and their clients to increase their productivity by delivering thriving and profitable projects to the customers. 

Kentico Draft

Kentico Draft was launched one year ago and has made many enhancements since then. Through Kentico Draft structured content can be produced in the Cloud. It facilitates all the things you need to collaborate, while creating the content, which includes taxonomy, customizable content types, comments, versioning, workflow and site map. 

Once the content is complete, it can be exported to the existing CMS or  you can leverage Kentico's new product  Kentico Deliver for directly publishing the content on your website. 

Kentico Deliver

Kentico Deliver is an API-first CMS, which is also called "headless". It integrates the speedy API for developers and easy to use content management interface for editors for displaying the content on websites, IOT devices, mobile apps and much more. 

Kentico Engage

Kentico Engage is a customer engagement platform, which enables you to track customers and personalize their experience according to the data it collects. It can showcase the entire history of the customer like which pages they visited, what they purchased and which forms they have submitted. With Kentico Engage personal profiles of the users can be created, which includes the entire history of their activities from the start. Subsequently, this information can be exported to other systems or it can be leveraged for personalizing the content on the website. 


This is just the beginning of something immense. The launch of Kentico Cloud CMS on 2nd November 2016 is the first step to provide digital agencies and their clients with a CMS that is 10x better than the conventional CMS they leverage today. 

Since the past 12 years, Kentico has been on a mission to help digital agencies to successfully deliver projects. In the upcoming months, you will witness Kentico Cloud CMS to be the most powerful cloud-based CMS solution, which will significantly enhance productivity and customer satisfaction. 

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