Feb 26

Kentico 11 is here. Let us do some Smart Marketing!

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Kentico 11 was released and people have already started using it. The release comes with full excitement as Kentico team is always developing new features time to time. So let us go ahead and check what is in store for us!

We live in a world where the value of customer experience is what differentiates a winning and losing brand. Customers use multiple channels and mediums to connect with their favorite brands, while content plays a crucial role in conveying exceptional experiences. Moreover, it is not just about the content; it is about how the customer feels.

We all know a typical Content Management Systems (CMS) is designed to manage the entire content on the website. These CMSs offer a comprehensive interface that allows content editors/managers to view, analyze, and edit the pages on the site. Here the content editors need not be an expert in web technologies and may not be a trained programmer.

Kentico 11 consists of updated tools for email marketing and campaign management, as well as a broader integration capacity.

What is new in this version!

Easier GDPR and Data Protection compliance - How will you feel, if your data is being compromised? To protect our personal data and make sure personal data is treated as something that belongs to us as we have the power to decide which data, why, and with whom we want to share.

Cross-platform third-party integrations - Major areas of enhancement for Kentico 11 include updated tools for email marketing and campaign management, as well as broader integration capabilities.

Flexible ways to customize email marketing - Kentico 11 features a completely redesigned Email Builder tool. It will include a drag-and-drop feature for creation of newsletters and campaigns, on par with tools provided by specialized mail programs.

Improved search with multi-facet and multi-level categorizations - You can now apply multiple filters using faceted search, which provides your customers with the opportunity to browse products by specific criteria. The aim behind this feature is to provide users with a more streamlined shopping experience, retracting the hassle of trying to find what they are searching for.

Personalized e-commerce, including advanced discount management - This means improved visitor journeys when searching and purchasing products online. The discount management feature allows gift coupons to be used, the ability to process product prices with or without tax included, delayed capture mode for all payment gateways and support for multiple coupons to be entered during the checkout process.

By utilizing all these features, marketers will have the ability to create powerful tailored content that connects with their audience and improve campaigns based on the previous performance.

We are thrilled about this release, and cannot wait to start taking advantage of all the Kentico 11 new features. As a proud Kentico Gold Partners, we have been working closely with the team for years, providing solutions for leading brands across the globe.

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