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How to build Kentico MVC responsive website effectively?

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Kentico enables the creation of amazing websites that drive profitable marketing campaigns and deliver awesome results in terms of overall customer experience. The newest version of Kentico offers smart forms and automated widgets to add functionality.

The Kentico stable release is built around a few crucial elements and frameworks that are consistent with the MVC Builder environment, thereby allowing creation of some amazing responsive websites with dynamic functionality. The developer is capable of making the best use of these elements or experience, failing which could lead to a rather bad experience for the end-user rather than a good one.


Kentico Web Forms

In the case of Kentico Web Forms, the developer can replace common HTML Head and Body tags, as the CMS itself offers the core HTML shell. One just needs to apply the desired mark-up around the relevant tags to achieve a rapid and steady pace of development to meet the desired timelines.

Care should be taken to avoid any hassles while applying best practices for a Web Forms solution, as it needs to be effectively done by working through core Kentico files at the CMS level. Else, this can be detrimental to any future upgrades or hotfixes required for the application down the line.

Kentico MVC Development

The Kentico MVC development model, on the other hand, makes provision for a blank canvas to put the desired HTML structure in place and spare the need to follow any dictated standards. A creative Kentico developer views this as a valuable advantage towards a very straightforward and leaner output by eliminating HTML mark-up code that is not required.

It is advised to select and identify the frameworks to use before building a website. This will ensure the architecture is compatible with respect to the previous site build, when one wants to revamp or move the framework from a previous project.

Let us look at five significant tools or language platforms that are used to build responsive Kentico websites much creatively:

1. JavaScript Module Bundler

A JavaScript module Bundler provides coders with powerful packages to convert and effectively design incorporate HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and Images.The bundler allows the use of standard templates for front-end frameworks that might be used to build a tailored backend, core front-end, or responsive Kentico MVC sites. The web-pack component can be ideally used as a JavaScript bundler.

2. CSS framework

A CSS framework spares time by providing essential front-end component libraries for front-end components that are seen instrumental, more so in developing mobile-first applications. Build responsive websites with common template-oriented designs efficiently by choosing the architecture for HTML mark-up. So, make sure the frameworks enable the creation of an excellent responsive CSS build.

3. SASS pre-processor

The SASS (Syntactically Awesome Style Sheet) pre-processor essentially enriches CSS with responsive styling in an effective manner. The package also offers scope for advanced functionality that includes mix-ins, modularity, and other variables, with standardized CSS building – all in a standardized, effective, and speedy manner. The SASS pre-processor would also male provision for certain responsive elements could also be subsequently used with the CSS building standardization.

4. DevOps

An effective DevOps setup makes the desired build process in tandem with the front-end templates. This also ensures all the module bundler and front-end technologies are executed in the specific development environments, bringing stability and rational behavior to the components from early on.

5. JavaScript frameworks

To take care of both the speed as well as the performance while developing a Kentico MVC responsive website, one can incorporate specific JavaScript frameworks such as Vue.js, Angular JS, and ReactJS. This will ensure web forms and styles are reflected properly. The development build is essentially the precursor to using the said individual JavaScript frameworks, which is accomplished by following specific HTML architecture.

A consideration of all the frameworks with the option to choose the most suitable HTML goes a long way in developing a responsive website that caters to the specific needs of the concerned business or enterprise.

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