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Blockchain helps firms trash fake News and Feeds from CMS

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Blockchain helps clients with notable news-agnostic features to screen and distribute true news items across the online domain in a secure way. Most popular of these news-filtering models rely on the QR code associated with the news item, and a ‘crowdsourcing’ verification methodology that is powered by the Blockchain itself. 

In today’s connected world, security remains one of the main concerns, along with the legitimacy of social media posts and news feeds. It would not be advisable to shun or curtail feedback coming in from readers or net-savvy users altogether. As such, Kentico clients stand at an advantage for a smart and versatile way of handling fake or outdated content with the power of Blockchain. This would further assist in driving public polls and collecting the most accurate form of feedback from respondents.


A CMS that is powered by Blockchain helps enterprises using CMS application eliminate fake news content and deal with unauthenticated authors. The arrangement comprises a front-end ‘native’ application for auditors and journalists. On the other hand, the Blockchain component - along with Micro Services and IPFS (Inter-Planetary File System) – forms the distributed back-end of the entire system. 


News agencies submit documents that are hashed on to the Blockchain database. Registered journalists and authenticated users sign in, view and access the news items, and then take a call on whether to retain the items in the feed, or discard them. Individual data blocks thereby allow modifiers or editors of the news to chip in with their contributions. As an incentive for the whole exercise, the system would also reward the contributors based on ratings. These are awarded by virtue of smart contracts that are also driven by Blockchain. The client can effectively rely on archival features to store news items and retrieve the same at a later date.


When users view or read a piece of news content, they would likely leave a reaction or comment on the same. Blockchain can seamlessly automate functions to eliminate unworthy feedback or responses that go against prevalent ethics. It would also allow content moderation or truncating of prohibited news items from appearing in the clients' news feed. This is done by hashing the items into the relevant blocks of data.

Below are the major benefits Blockchain offers with respect to filtering news and social media feeds:

  • Blockchain crypto-currencies enable authentication of users who contribute to community stories
  • Automated subscription for users by the most number of news items read by specific category
  • Access for regular subscribers to complete exclusive stories based on Blockchain authentication
  • Protection from malicious news feeds originating from accounts belonging to rivals/competitors
  • Eliminating fake news and dubious posts from hackers originating from duplicate users/accounts
  • Drive content based on most-searched terms by the audience across social media to boost traffic
  • Blockchain-driven analytics can also filer social media statistics based on the activity of audience
  • Functionality to eliminate obsolete blogs or posts and retrain ones that deliver business value

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