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6 Ways to Speed Up Your Kentico Website

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Kentico application offers leverage of a number of features available with the software. However, this is accompanied by complex and dynamic data functionality, which often requires retrieval of a large quantum of information from a third-party database or software, which impacts the overall performance of a website. In order to avoid issues with performance and speed of the website, few practices have proven effective to ensure Kentico application is offering the maximum performance in terms of speed and efficiency at the same time.


Content must be cached properly by using a default setting, which primarily offers a good standard of caching for all the items during the installation of a Kentico site. The Default Setting can be fine for a number of cases. However, if you are not changing your site often, you can update the caching to 60 minutes or even less frequently, based on how often a portion of content is changed and needs to be displayed. A default caching setting is recommended to make sure that page-level and control-level caching are configured properly.

Delayed Loading

Kentico allows the developer to delay loading controls involving certain changing variables, which are impossible to actually cache. By loading resource-intensive menu items after the rest of the page loads, delayed coaching allows a lot of information to be delivered instantly to the user. This can be thought of as a menu representing several items, each of which is a sub-menu. While the site and the master menu are being loaded, sub-menu items will be rendered behind the scenes with the help of repeaters and nested repeaters which are enabled by activating “Delayed Loading” function.

Competent Design

Companies aim at the delivery of business and customer information in a timely and consistent manner, but design issues that play crucial part must be kept in the perspective. It is a good practice to ensure that the website does not have much data-intensive functionality, and the design must also caterto the same. Try to avoid controls that involve compilation and interpretation of bulky data before being transmitted to the user. A thoughtful and logical approach to designing a Kentico application keeps performance worries at bay, and at the same time, offers the fastest access to data.

Website Hosting

A functional Kentico website typically uses up over 1GB of resources, so it is essential the server offers provision for sufficient space and memory. It is advised to choose a quality hosting service, as some vendors might come with shared resources with a lot of sites to host at a low budget, thereby leaving very ‘little’ space and resources for your Kentico site. It is always preferable to go for a dedicated hosting service and the most ideal web server configuration. Also, do make it sure to ensure smooth performance by testing your application under various levels of server traffic loads.

Back-End Coding

While coding a Kentico application, programmers are advised to optimize the allocation of resources and avoid endless loops by leveraging components of .Net framework for the efficient re-use functionality, pooling of connections, and efficient garbage collection.It is advisable to Improve the usage of queries, consider stored procedures and functions rather than the typical ‘SELECT *’ query that extracts the entire data for returning just a few specific rows, thereby slowing the response time. A function or stored procedure does the same task as that of a query with the minimum drainage of resources and time.

Database Configuration

A database must be efficient at storing and retrieval of data. A Kentico website will offer a very bad experience if the database is not tuned properly. It is required to add your improvements to the database to override the existing default settings. Kentico allows you to optimize database performance by making the best use of ‘views’ or ‘indexes’ outlined beforehand. It is notable that SQL Server is an enterprise-class database and many large corporate portals rely on it. A capable systems engineer proficient in SQL Server fine-tunes and optimizes the database around a Kentico application.

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