Apr 28

What is new in Joomla 3.4?

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This new Joomla release brings few highlights like improved front end module editing,new Google reCaptcha, decoupling of weblinks and improved security by utilizing UploadShield code which can distinguish most malicious uploads by analyzing their filenames and contents.



De-Couple of Weblinks:

In order to create a lighter core Joomla team removed extensions that aren't widely used, such as weblinks and making them optional.

Weblinks has been moved to Joomla! Extensions Directory (JED) as official extensions from the core. Already installed weblinks won't be removed and in future if want to use weblinks install it from the JED.

Front end Module Editing:

In Joomla! 3.2, you may have recognized little "edit" symbols showing up in every module when you are logged in on the front-end, clicking them would divert you to the module arrangement page in the back-end.

UpShield Code Implementation:

Malicious file uploads amongst the most well-known approaches to hack a site. Joomla 3.4 now has "UploadShield" code which can recognize most malignant transfers by looking at their filenames and document substance.


December 2014 Google introduced reCapthca. Now Joomla has updated reCapthca plugin to protect your login and registration forms against spam. Now instead of just single click they'll confirm they are not a robot.

This upgraded version of reCaptcha can run basic check to verify the guest is a bot or human with a single click. In case reCaptcha cannot verify if the user is bot or not, it will default to the standard “Type the numbers/letters” style, giving your clients a smoother site experience while as yet keeping you secured. And there is nothing to worry if you’re not looking to update reCaptcha just yet, Joomla still supports the older captcha.

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