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Accelerated Mobile Pages for a revamped mobile experience

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Reading on the mobile web is a sluggish, clunky and frustrating experience, but with Accelerated Mobile Pages this is not going to be the same any more. Accelerated Mobile Pages is an open source initiative designed to create fast-loading mobile web pages.

Google first announced Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) in October, 2015. It is a very accessible framework, which enhances the speed and user experience for the mobile readers. Even though experienced developers can accomplish the same results through intensive performance optimizations, but most of the time this is neglected due to insufficient resources. AMP enables these optimizations to be easily accomplished without any changes in the primary mobile web experience.

Why is AMP so fast?

AMP is specifically built for pure readability and speed. If you are considering to leverage AMP, these descriptions will be helpful in understanding the principles that make AMP fast.

Permits only asynchronous scripts

If JavaScript is not made asynchronous, it will result in a slow loading web page. JavaScript which is not async is named as render blocking JavaScript, it is one of the most common speed issues affecting the web pages today. When a JavaScript is made async, it notifies the browser that the execution of JavaScript is not vital for page render.  The browser understands this and does not wait for the JavaScript to create the page. Thus, when the JavaScript is made async, it will result in a faster loading web page.

All the resources are statically sized

AMP doesn't wait for the resources to download for loading the layout of the page. Moreover, AMP determines each elements size, so the size of the external resources must be stated in the HTML. Through this, browser recalculates everything on the page. This ultimately enables the web page to load faster.

Only runs GPU enabled animations

Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) is very good in dealing with graphical animations. This is even more beneficial because when the GPU does the animation math, it frees up the CPU for undertaking the job of rendering the page more proficiently. Let's cut the story short, the GPU and CPU can render faster and cleaner animations together, rather than when the CPU is solely leveraged to do the same.

Prioritizes resource loading

Resources can be embeds, images, ads, etc.
In a general webpage, it is daunting to know which resource will load before another. AMP takes care of this by prioritizing resource loading, loading only what is required.Therefore, the manner in which resources are loaded is the key for a faster loading webpage.

How to AMP your site?

You will need to maintain at least two versions of an article page, which includes the original version of the page that the users will normally see and the AMP version.

Since AMP does not allow third party Java scripts and form elements, you won't be able to have on-page comments, lead forms and many other components, which were leveraged on your webpage in a standard implementation. It is very likely that, you need to rewrite the site template for accommodating the restrictions. For instance, all CSS in AMP shouldnot be more than 50 KB.
Now, Google is supporting AMP projects, all that you need to do is modify the original version of the article to the AMP version. In this way, Google will benefit you and you can get your scheme right.

Last Words

AMP is relatively an easy way to enhance the speed of a mobile website for publishers. Google News Lab is conducting regular office hours via Hangouts and very soon, we can expect Google to roll out its integration soon, which appears to be a response to the project momentum of AMP.

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